For experts or novices, 4iP Council webinars are delivered by eminent third party experts or members of the 4iP Council network. Topics support a wider understanding of invention and innovation, intellectual property strategy and supporting tools as well as of related case law.

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18 November 2020

License your valuable assets

Dr Anke Nestler, Managing Director and Partner, VALNES Corporate Finance GmbH
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Eszter Szakács, Attorney-at-Law and Partner, Danubia Legal
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Addresses the following questions: What is a license and why would you need one? How do you prepare to license and find the right partner? Seller beware, lessons and tips on the agreement tax implications, financial outcomes and royalty rates.

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Categories: IP Management, Licensing, SMEs

28 October 2020

The Value of Intangible Assets

Dr. André Gorius, Independent Consultant, Former IP Valuation Director, Solvay
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Covers how and when to value your intangible assets; understanding “value” versus “price”; methods of valuation and how to manage an IP valuation.

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Categories: IP Management, Patent Strategy, SMEs

16 October 2020

License to All or Access to All? A Law and Economics Assessment of Standard Development Organizations’ Licensing Rules.

Dr. Anne Layne-Farrar, Vice President in Competition Economics at Charles River Associates and an Adjunct Professor at the Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
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Richard J. Stark, Partner in the Litigation Department of Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP
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Provides an overview of the principles of patent law and licensing; a review of standards development organisation policies on licensing; a legal analysis of the license to all argument; consideration of important economic issues and less harmful alternatives.

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Categories: FRAND, Licensing, Standardisation

09 October 2020

Why researchers need an IP strategy

Professor Koenraad Debackere, Professor of Technology and Innovation at the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven and Managing Director of KU Leuven Research & Development
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Dr. Peter Oksen, Senior Program Officer at WIPO GREEN
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Addressed the relevance of IP in public and private research today and in the future with a focus on environmentally friendly (green) technologies; solutions offered by WIPO for identifying and optimising IP; the different legal frameworks that surround public innovation and the impact of having an IP strategy in the public innovation context and best practices in governance and management.

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Categories: IP Management, SMEs

30 September 2020

Managing your intellectual property

Don Drinkwater, Director of Licensing, Bose Corporation
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Jim Malackowski, Chief Executive Officer, Ocean Tomo LLC
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Nikos Minas, European Patent Attorney, Hanna Moore and Curley, Dublin
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Delivered with LESI, this webinar addressed how to develop a business strategy for your IP; establishing IP processes and policies, exploiting your IP and considerations for your management, monitoring and assessing your IP activity effectively.

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Categories: IP Management