Dr. Stephen Potter

Stephen took a doctorate in chemistry at Sheffield and won Fellowships at Yale University and Cambridge.

He has worked with FT100 companies and in start-ups as a CEO, CTO and in Business Development in the UK, Germany, US, Switzerland and Sweden.

He has operating experience in a wide variety of industries including (fine) chemicals, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, electronics, defence, automobiles, materials, printing and packaging, software and telecommunications and, latterly, intellectual property and licensing.

He is now advising and carrying out business development for Iprova, a Swiss / UK start-up that is rapidly delivering highly diverse inventions with the help of its novel AI/ML/NLP software.

Iprova has 30 global blue chip clients who have used these inventions as a basis for > 130 published patent application families with >300 that are still confidential.

He has been elected a member of the IAM 300 most influential IP strategists since its inception.