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Webinar slides now live ! Intellectual property from the perspective of a venture capitalist

21 November 2019

Dr. Christian Schneider presented the perspective of an experienced venture capitalist on start-up selection and the role of intellectual property.

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Five new summaries on patenting and IP for SMEs just loaded !

19 November 2019

High-tech entrepreneurs, patent trolls, why SMEs patent ... are some of themes addressed

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New EPO study finds that SMEs typically rely on European patents to protect high-potential inventions

04 November 2019

"Market success for inventions - Patent Commercialisation Scoreboard: European SMEs"

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New Summary: An economic approach to antitrust analysis of discriminatory licensing, grant backs and cross-licenses, no-challenge clauses, and patent thickets

23 October 2019

Prepared for 4iP Council by Jorge Padilla of Compass Lexecon and Koren W. Wong-Ervin of Qualcomm Inc.

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The Future of IP in the EU - Ideas from Academics - GRUR Event

22 October 2019

Brussels, 5 December 2019 from 10.00 - 20.00

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