What is intellectual property?

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Intellectual property (IP) is a property right established in law to exclude others from using, without authorisation, your intellectual creations. IP rights allow you to commercialise and exploit your innovative and creative ideas. IP rights consist of:

  • patents, which protect innovative technical solutions in all lines of industry,
  • copyrights, which protect original intellectual creations in the creative arts,
  • trademarks, which protect distinctive marks indicating a product’s business origin,
  • designs, which protect the visual appearance of the product.

Beyond these formal IP rights, businesses may also opt for protection of their own confidential information from misappropriation by keeping it a trade secret.

Which types of intellectual property do you need?

* Depending on the national law and the type of design, they may also be protected as works of art under copyright. In some countries, designs are protected under patent law as "design patents".

Why should I care about intellectual property?

How do I use intellectual property to grow my business?

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No more searching for the charger

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