Dr. Peter Oksen

Dr. Peter Oksen is Senior Program Officer at WIPO GREEN. He has more than 20 years’ experience in socio-economic development and natural resources management and holds a MSc in Geography and a PhD in International Development Studies. He was associate professor in development studies at Roskilde University, Denmark for more than a decade before moving to Lao PDR working as managing director of a Lao-Australian consulting company. Later, he headed the Danida Environmental Support Programme in Indonesia for three years, developed the environmental and social safeguard approaches and tools for the World Food Programme in Rome, and then joined WIPO GREEN in late 2018. At WIPO GREEN Dr Oksen is working with connecting innovative technological solutions to pertinent issues around climate change, food security, and the environment, and provides expert guidance. Dr Oksen is also the creator and owner of the website sustainablesuccessstories.org.

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