Licensing Negotiation Groups: what, why, how?

This webinar is an open discussion about the proposed formation of Licensing Negotiation Groups (LNGs) of implementers that would collectively negotiate and license standard essential patents (SEPs). The European Commission’s SEP Expert Group considered the possibility of setting up LNGs to assist implementers in negotiating with SEP owners. However, the proposal may have important practical downsides - a risk of collusion among implementers who may effectively form a buyers’ cartel and a systemic abuse of LNGs to holdout with the conclusion of licences. The webinar will examine in detail the formation, practical operation and the risks of LNGs, as well as consider some less restrictive alternatives to get the implementers involved in the formation of SEP royalties.

Learning outcomes will be:

  • Learn about the latest discussions on the formation of LNGs
  • Recognise the positive and negative sides that LNGs may bring to SEP licensing
  • Become aware of anti-competitive concerns with LNGs
  • Become familiar with alternative instruments that may keep implementers involved with the formation of SEP royalties
  • Learn about expected future developments