Dr. Eskil Ullberg

Dr. Eskil Ullberg is a senior research scholar and adjunct professor in economics at George Mason University. His focus is on markets in patents. Current applied research involves a multi-country project to evaluate the economic potential of leveraging the human capital formation of developing nations through markets in patents. This will include a field-experiment on market efficiency given institutional and taxation policy. Dr. Ullberg's teaching includes African Economic Development, International Money and Finance and International Economics: theory and policy. Prior to research Dr. Ullberg worked a management consultant for two decades, with a wide range of business sectors, governments on policy problems and international organisations, specialising in risk management.

Dr. Ullberg's publications on patent markets, human capital formation and risk include:

“Trade in Ideas – Performance and Behavioral Properties of Markets in Patents”, Springer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship book series, 2012, www.tradeinideas.com

“The need for a global market in patents”, OpEd for ProjectSyndicate, with Edmund Phelps (Nobel Laurate 2006) , “The world is abandoning the Inventor. This is what needs to change”, at World Economic Forum, 2018

“Coordination of Inventions and Innovations through patent markets with prices: An Experimental Investigation of Price Signals and Search Behavior”, Journal of the Knowledge Economy, 2016, DOI: 10.1007/s13132-016-0418-0

“New Perspectives on Internationalization and Competitiveness – Integrating Economics, Innovation and Higher Education”, Editor of proceedings from workshops in Washington DC and Stockholm in 2013, Springer Int,2014,www.internationalizationandcompetitiveness.com

“Risk Management: From Portfolio Strategy to Value Creating System Strategy”, Geneva Papers on risk and insurance. July 2002, with Rodriguez, Stormby

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