ChatGPT, DeepL and DALL-E 2: what do the T&Cs say about IP ownership, data retention and infringement?

IP rights and open-source researcher Eleftheria Stefanaki examines the terms and conditions for three popular AI tools, analysing the legal ramifications for users.

This article first appeared in the World Trademark Review in March 2024.


The speed of AI tools has rendered them valuable assistants to many employees, with or without their employer’s knowledge. At first glance, this appears to be a win-win situation; the employee completes more tasks in less time, allowing the employer to increase the employee’s workload and, subsequently, productivity. However, the rise of AI tools’ popularity comes with risks, from inaccuracy to socio-economic and legal issues. This article examines the potential benefits and IP risks of three AI tools that are commonly used in business: 

  • ChatGPT;
  • DALL-E 2; and
  • DeepL Translator.

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