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New research just loaded on the value of connectivity in automotive

11 December 2019

Summary of research findings by Prof. Bowman Heiden, Center for Intellectual Property (CIP), Chalmers University of Technology; The Hoover Institution, Stanford University

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Webinar slides now live ! Intellectual property from the perspective of a venture capitalist

21 November 2019

Dr. Christian Schneider presented the perspective of an experienced venture capitalist on start-up selection and the role of intellectual property.

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Five new summaries on patenting and IP for SMEs just loaded!

19 November 2019

High-tech entrepreneurs, patent trolls, why SMEs patent ... are some of themes addressed

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New EPO study finds that SMEs typically rely on European patents to protect high-potential inventions

04 November 2019

"Market success for inventions - Patent Commercialisation Scoreboard: European SMEs"

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New Summary: An economic approach to antitrust analysis of discriminatory licensing, grant backs and cross-licenses, no-challenge clauses, and patent thickets

23 October 2019

Prepared for 4iP Council by Jorge Padilla of Compass Lexecon and Koren W. Wong-Ervin of Qualcomm Inc.

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