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4iP Council at Leaders League Innovation & IP Forum & Awards

28 January 2020

Artificial intelligence, patent litigation, the scope of EU trademarks post Brexit, on-line counterfeit brand sales ....

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New SME case study - Prophesee's advanced neuromorphic vision system and patent strategy.

27 January 2020

This short case study by Fernanda Donaire Passoni outlines Prophesee's patent strategy.

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"The focus in Europe moves from patent hold-up to hold-out", says IAM article

26 January 2020

This IAM article, published on 24 January 2020, explores how discussions around SEP licensing in Europe have focused on the problem of hold-up and how the European Commission and several local courts have recently put more emphasis on the threat of hold-out. The role of Huawei v ZTE is explored.

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Full paper on field-of-use pricing of SEP licenses under FRAND terms now available

12 December 2019

Queen Mary Journal of Intellectual Property publishes paper by Dr. Eskil Ullberg commissioned by 4iP Council

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