4iP Council welcomes three new legal interns!

02 June 2021

Supporting IP education

4iP Council is pleased to welcome three new interns who will support our forthcoming research work and existing communication projects over the next six months. 

Paola Dabbicco is a LL.M Candidate in Law of Internet Technology at Bocconi University who is very passionate about intellectual property and new technologies. She is a curious person and through her work she wants to combine her two main passions: writing and IP. She recently became a lawyer.

Paola Dabbicco.png

Adela García Serrano is a Spanish law graduate from the University of Alicante and Bologna specialised in intellectual property and digital innovation through the LL.M programme. She is particularly interested in the study of contractual relationships that generate movement in innovation and strategies to protect the intangible assets of any company of any size, as well as the interaction between AI and BIG data.

Adela Garcia Serrano.png

Sofia Pachera Gasparini is admitted to practice law in Italy. She graduated with honors in Law at the University of Milan and is currently completing the LL.M in Law of Internet Technology at Bocconi University, having a strong interest in Intellectual Property and Internet Technology fields.

Sofia Pachera Gasparini.png