13 June 2023

Packaging Hackathon at Brunel University London


During this event we saw how to design innovative and sustainable packaging, reduce waste and protect it with intellectual property.

We answered questions such as "What is it's environmental impact of your packaging?" "Can it be improved?" "Is your packaging protectable by IP rights?" "Is there space for innovation in packaging?"

We would like to thank the Brunel Masters students, for their great work finding new solutions in the packaging designs; the local and international businesses that joint us and brought their packaging we so we could "hack" it together; and event organisers for making it happen!


  • Professor Rob Holdway is an innovation, design and Life Cycle Analysis expert who works with universities, micro businesses through to international corporates, governments and not for profits on their design challenges. Rob will provide the inspiration and insights you need to successfully innovate, reduce your packaging impacts and profit from your new designs.
  • Dr Hayleigh Bosher is a Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law and Associate Dean at Brunel University London, she runs the IP Pro Bono service at Brunel Law School and is a legal consultant in the creative industries. She will show you how intellectual property can be used to protect and monetise your packaging, branding and business, as well as understanding other people's rights to avoid infringement.
  • Marta Sierra, 4iP Council, is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at 4iP Council. She is also a Spanish entrepreneur focussed on sustainability and social projects. She has 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing working internationally.

This workshop was a partnership between Better Futures+, Co-Innovate, Brunel University, 4iP Council, and The Brunel Law School IP Pro Bono Service, leading enterprise support programmes and supported by the European Regional Development Fund and Greater London Authority.

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