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Webinar slides now available - What you need to know about copyright and social media.

18 February 2020

Presented by Dr. Hayleigh Bosher, Brunel University.

This 4iP Council webinar addressed the following:

  • The remit of social media - how it is being used and what that means in relation to counterfeit goods.
  • Copyright works on social media - copyright protects photographs and videos, but should everything on social media be protected?
  • Copyright infringement on social media - we all share content on social media, but is it illegal, and what are the risks?
  • The terms and conditions of social media platforms - we all have social media profiles but how many of us have read the terms and conditions that we have agreed to?
  • Social media in education - social media is a great tool for education, but what can we do to better inform and protect teachers and students?

View the slides.