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Patent Trespass and the Royalty Gap: Exploring the Nature and Impact of “Patent Holdout” (Full Report) now available for download

04 October 2017

Developed for 4iP Council by Bowman Heiden and Nicolas Petit this paper reviews the meaning of holdout in mainstream economics.

This inquiry leads to an unexpected discovery: holdout is a term of art that invariably defines the conduct of a property owner, not the conduct of technology implementers. On this basis, a discussion is opened on the possible policy impact that the choice of a concept like “holdup” had on policy makers, as opposed to “holdout”. The study is based in part on a cross-sectional investigation. Throughout 2016 and 2017, the authors conducted qualitative interviews with five industry stakeholders on both sides of the patent spectrum, namely SEP holders and SEP implementers.

A summary version of this report was made available to 4iP Council followers in June this year.

Visit our research section to download the full and summary reports.