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26 June 2019

FRAND access regimes in European law

Mathew Heim, Senior adviser to 4iP Council Europe and a Visiting Research Fellow at Bruegel
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Addresses the scope of the FRAND regimes as a European law instrument. What are the common elements that make up FRAND terms and conditions? What conclusions can be drawn from past practice? How FRAND can be applied going forward?

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Categories: FRAND

14 May 2019

Understanding Injunctions in European Patent Law

Prof. Dr. Lea Tochtermann, Professor of Private Law and European Patent Law at the University of Mannheim, Germany
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Presents the legal basis for the current discussion on proportionality within TRIPS, European law as well as in selected European jurisdictions, focusing on Germany. It provided an outlook on whether the demand for legislative action is justified. Reflects the content expressed in a short paper found in 4iP Council's Research section entitled 'Injunctions in European Patent Law’. A longer version of this paper was published January 2020 in ZGE/IPJ - Zeitschrift für Geistiges Eigentum/Intellectual Property Journal and is available in english and german at https://www.mohrsiebeck.com/artikel/injunctions-in-european-patent-law-101628zge-2019-0018.

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Categories: Patent System and Patent Quality

13 February 2019

Webinar on the UK Court of Appeal ruling on Unwired Planet v Huawei

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Jacob, Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at UCL, London, UK. Formerly Lord Justice of Appeal and Treasurer of Grays Inn
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Richard Vary, Partner in Bird&Bird's Intellectual Property Practice and Tech and Comms. sector group and part time District Judge, UK
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Provides a summary of this significant court decision, the contract law basis for FRAND and a discussion of the jurisdiction issues surrounding a national court determining global FRAND rates. Lively Q&A discussion.

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Categories: FRAND

22 November 2018

Industry challenges after recent case-law on confidentiality of FRAND agreements

Prof. Dr. Peter Picht, Chair for Business and Commercial Law at the University of Zurich, head of the University’s Centre for Intellectual Property and Competition Law (CIPCO) and Max Planck Institute Affiliated Research Fellow
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More than three years after the CJEU’s decision in Huawei v ZTE, the EU Member States’ courts are still working out aspects of the FRAND-licensing of standard-essential patents. Important post-Huawei v ZTE decisions have clarified some issues while other questions remain open. An urgent example is confidentiality and the procedural handling of license agreements containing non-disclosure clauses. This webinar provides an update on SEP/FRAND case law and an overview on the most important court decisions.

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Categories: FRAND, IP and Competition Law