For experts or novices, 4iP Council webinars are delivered by eminent third party experts or members of the 4iP Council network. Topics support a wider understanding of invention and innovation, intellectual property strategy and supporting tools as well as of related case law.

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18 September 2020

What you need to know about copyright and music

Dr. Hayleigh Bosher, Lecturer, Brunel University
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Covers why copyright is important for musicians, artists, producers and those working in the music industry; the basics on what copyright is; how music copyright works, and how it is split up into different elements (lyrics, song, recording); when it is copyright infringement or taking inspiration in song writing; recent copyright infringement case law and the impact on music creation.

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Categories: IP Enforcement, SMEs

02 September 2020

Unwired Planet v Huawei UK Supreme Court Decision - your questions answered

Richard Vary, Partner in Bird&Bird's Intellectual Property Practice and Tech and Communications sector group
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Provides a summary of the decision outlining what the judges upheld and what they overturned and answers the following questions: Will the UK still be able to calculate global rates as part of deciding whether to give an injunction? Non-discrimination: what happens if one licensee has a better deal? Will the UK remain a key forum for patent owners?

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Categories: FRAND, IP and Competition Law, IP Enforcement, Licensing

12 June 2020

The Value of Connectivity in the Automotive Industry

Dr. Bowman Heiden, Co-Director of the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP); Visiting Professor at UC-Berkeley; Visiting Scholar at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University
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Explores the actual value that connectivity in vehicles can bring to society and the different sectors affected. Connectivity is one of the four critical mega-trends facing the automotive industry. These trends are autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification, yet connectivity is both separate and integrated to these other mega-trends. The importance of connectivity is therefore fundamental to the future evolution of the industry. A research paper on this topic can be found in our 'Research' section and a Q&A with Dr. Heiden on economic value can be found in our publications section. Links to: Research paper: https://www.4ipcouncil.com/download_file/710/155; Q&A: https://www.4ipcouncil.com/download_file/849/243

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Categories: Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT)

29 May 2020

FRAND Licensing Levels under EU Law - components or end-device?

Prof. Jean-Sébastien Borghetti , Professor of Private Law at University Paris II Panthéon Assas
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Dr. Igor Nikolic, Senior Fellow at University College London Centre for Law, Economics & Society
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Prof. Nicolas Petit, Professor of Law at the University of Liege and the College of Europe
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Analyses whether EU law imposes an obligation on holders of standard essential patents (SEPs) to license at all levels of the value chain, including at component level. The location of the appropriate licensing level in the value chain is becoming a crucial question in the IoT debate as more and more industries will gain cellular connectivity (automotive, home appliances, agriculture, healthcare, etc). Provides extensive and practical analysis of this issue from the perspectives of general principles of EU constitutional law, patent law, contract law and competition law.

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Categories: FRAND, Internet of Things (IoT), IP and Competition Law, Licensing

06 May 2020

The status and acceleration of green technology innovation in Europe and beyond

Dr. Peter Oksen, Senior Program Officer, WIPO Green
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Tamara Nanayakkara, Counsellor, SMEs and Entrepreneurship Support Division, WIPO
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Arnaud de La Fouchardière, Founder and CEO of Vitirover
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Addresses green technology inventors, entrepreneurs, companies, academia, research organisations and government organisations looking for insight and expertise on green innovation evolution, strategy and business networking.

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Categories: Patent Strategy, SMEs