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4iP News: Webinar on the UK Court of Appeal ruling on Unwired Planet v Huawei - slides now available

The Rt. Hon. Sir Robin Jacob and Richard Vary's webinar presentation today on the recent UK Court of Appeal ruling Huawei v Unwired Planet is now available for download.

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Categories: IP Enforcement, IP and Competition Law, FRAND, Legislation

Research: A FRAND Regime for Dominant Digital Platforms

by Mathew Heim and Igor Nikolic

A FRAND Regime for Dominant Digital Platforms

This study explores how European policy and legislation has traditionally applied the ‘fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory’ or FRAND regime in order to ensure access to critical goods or services. This regime provides inspiration in the on-going debate around dominant digital platforms. The authors of this paper are Mathew Heim, Tanfield Chambers and Dr. Igor Nikolic, University College London.

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Categories: SMEs, Standardisation, IP and Competition Law, Digital Single Market, Digital platforms, European Commission, FRAND, Policy, Legislation, Regulation, Access