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Publications: Access to All infographic

Access to All infographic

Infographic comparing the differences and efficiencies between Access to All and License to All

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Categories: IP Enforcement, Licensing, Infographics

Publications: High quality of Patents in Europe - infographic

High quality of Patents in Europe - infographic

4iP Council has consolidated available data on patents in Germany in 2015 to provide a fresh picture on invalidity rates. This work takes the shape of an infographic and follows the recent publication of numerous papers by eminent authors radically overturning an assumption that patent invalidity rates in Europe are high. In 2015, just 1 in 17,500 (0.006%) of all patents in force in Germany were declared invalid by a court. Research findings show similar results for patents in other jurisdictions.

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Categories: Patent System and Patent Quality, IP Enforcement, Infographics