Patents in the Fashion Industry

This article which appeared in the IPR Helpdesk Bulletin, Issue 29, April-June 2018 page 6, explores the growing use of patents in the fashion industry covering why and how they are being used. 


As the European Commission rightly points out, the fashion industry - being one of the most vibrant and creative sectors in Europe - acts as an ambassador of European values, such as cultural heritage, creativity, innovation, craftsmanship and expertise.

Fashion being an IP-intensive sector, we have decided to dedicate this new bulletin issue to the importance and the role played by IP in the fashion industry.

Firstly, an introductory article on the topic presents the different IP tools available to protect fashion designs while the next contribution by Matej Michalec, Lawyer at V4 Legal in Bratislava, develops the topic of IP protection tools in the European Union for the fashion industry, highlighting the issue of design protection and its overlap with copyright.

Axel Ferrazzini, Managing Director at 4iP Council, gives some useful hints on how to protect inventions in the fashion field, revealing that patent protection of fashion items is far from being a recent topic.

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