Intellectual property licensing tensions: in utilizing open source software in the formal standard setting context

by Jingze Li. Tilburg University, (Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society)

04 December 2018

This summary report explores the following questions: “What are the differences between standards development organisations (SDOs)’ IPR policies and open source licenses in dealing with IPRs?” “What frictions may arise from such differences in their interactions?” “Whether the current IPRs framework of formal SDOs is adequate to embrace OSS?”. It is drawn by the author from a paper first published by the ITU: J. Li, "Intellectual property licensing tensions in incorporating open source into formal standard setting context — The case of Apache V.2 in ETSI as a start," 2017 ITU Kaleidoscope: Challenges for a Data-Driven Society (ITU K), Nanjing, 2017, pp. 1-8. The paper is available for download in the IEEE document library. An extended version of the paper has been submitted to the European Journal of Law and Technology and will available under SSRN.