UPCOMING WEBINAR - Infringing AI: Liability for AI-generated outputs under EU/UK copyright law

The webinar is devoted to a discussion of liability aspects connected to AI-generated outputs under EU/UK copyright law

The following questions will be tackled: Could a resemblance between one's work and an AI-generated output, which in technical terms is referred to as ‘plagiaristic outputs’, be regarded, in legal terms, not merely as plagiarism but rather as actionable reproduction? If so, who would be prima facie liable for the doing of such acts of reproduction: would it be solely the user of the AI tool inputting the prompt resulting in the infringing output or could it be that the developer and provider are also to be deemed liable? If prima facie liability is established, who would be the beneficiary of exceptions and limitations under copyright and under what conditions would such defences be available?

If you want to know what the answers to all these questions are, join us!