Our Position

Supporters of 4iP Council see creativity and inventiveness as a right to be protected and rewarded. Technology invention is a long, arduous creative process that can result in life changing and global transformation. Just as the writer is compensated for writing a best seller, technology inventors should be rewarded for creating successful and potentially transformational technology solutions. Indeed, in a world increasingly driven by technology and short on the skills to create and manage it, we believe technology invention needs to be incentivised.

4iP Council believes that intellectual property is a critical component in the innovation cycle. It can be compared to a bridge providing relatively safe passage to an inventor as s/he takes an idea beyond the point of invention towards entrepreneurship.

Strong intellectual property regimes foster the entrepreneurial behaviour that underpins innovation, driving social and economic prosperity. 4iP Council seeks to assist Europe in creating a friendly framework that fosters entrepreneurial spirit and venture funding in complex technologies.