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Assessing the impact of Computer Implemented Inventions

25 September 2015

Fraunhofer researchers Rainer Frietsch and Peter Neuhäusler talk to 4iP Council about the need for sound data on patenting Computer Implemented Invention (CII).

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Launch of the Global Innovation Index 2015

19 September 2015

Eight of the top ten countries are European

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IP is for everyone

07 September 2015

Owners of IP rights perform better no matter their size

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4iP Council responds to The Economist

24 August 2015

The Economist recently published an article criticising the patent system. A number of patent experts have responded publicly to The Economist voicing concerns with both the scope and nature of its analysis. The response below, from 4iP Council, has been submitted to the Economist for publication.

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Meet the 4iP Council Advisory Committee

24 June 2015

Among the characteristics of high quality research is that it is expertly written and empirically sound. It should also consider and reflect a varied spectrum of reliable sources and expert opinions. The 4iP Council Advisory Committee was created to help ensure that 4iP Council's own commissioned research followed these principles.

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