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Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine joins the discussion on patent quality

06 December 2016

Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) magazine’s Nov/Dec issue features a new article by Claudia Tapia, Director IP Policy at Ericsson and 4iP Council Chair

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4iP Council’s consolidation of data on patent invalidity shines a spotlight on patent quality in Europe

14 November 2016

In 2015 only 1 in 17,500 (0.006%) of all patents in force in Germany were declared invalid by a court

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Are restrictions on patent law necessary and meaningful? New report.

25 October 2016

4iP Council today announces the publication of new research on restrictions to patent enforcement.

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New research on collaborative standardisation and disruptive innovation

13 September 2016

The summary paper below was recently developed by Haris Tsilikas (Max Planck Institute) for 4iP Council.

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