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Winners of the 4iP Council Research Award 2018 announced today

29 January 2019

Fostering new ideas

4iP Council is pleased to announce the winners of our Research Awards 2018, an international research competition for European university students studying at Masters and PhD levels. The competition, now in its second year, aims to foster student interest in, and validate new ideas on, key topics related to the interplay between patents and innovation such as patents and competition regulation, trade and regulation, computer implemented inventions, patent litigation and patent quality, standardisation and patents.

"I had been following the research work of 4iP Council for a while, especially the articles related to patent quality and patent invalidity as they align with my own interest. As a researcher in my early stages, it is very motivating to have my work showcased on the 4iP Council platform," said Naina Khanna.

The winners will each receive a cash prize of up to €2000 from 4iP Council. Their papers are available on the 4iP Council website and will be promoted widely through 4iP Council channels.