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Why researchers need an IP strategy - webinar slides and video now available

08 October 2020

Presented by Prof. Koenraad Debackere, Executive Director of KU Leuven R&D and Dr. Peter Oksen, Senior Program Officer at WIPO

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This webinar on 8 October 2020 explored the relevance of IP for research, both public and private and look at the role IP plays in technology transfer including the related legal context and how this differs across Europe. It aimed to deepen understanding of the added value of organisational governance and strategy and its impact on patenting levels.

What was addressed:

  • the relevance of IP in public and private research today and in the future with a focus on environmentally friendly (green) technologies
  • solutions offered by WIPO for identifying and optimising IP
  • the different legal frameworks that surround public innovation and the impact of having an IP strategy in the public innovation context
  • best practices in governance and management