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26 September 2018

Status report

Earlier this month the European Parliament adopted its position on digital copyright rules agreeing by 438 votes to 226 to talks with member states to hammer out a final deal which should come into being in January 2019. Under this Directive:

  • Tech giants must pay for work of artists and journalists which they use
  • Small and micro platforms excluded from directive’s scope
  • Hyperlinks, “accompanied by “individual words” can be shared freely
  • Journalists must get a share of any copyright-related remuneration obtained by their publishing house

This article, published in April by the Centre for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP) is a useful summary of arguments for and against the Directive and the state of political play.

You will also find a paper on 'Copyright in the digital environment: the DSM strategy and the challenges ahead' by 4iP Council Advisory Committee member, Ginevra Bruzzone in our 'Publications' section.