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Visit our NEW interactive resource area for innovative SMEs - using IP to grow

03 July 2019

Help for drawing economic and strategic value from intellectual property

Today, 4iP Council unveils a new resource area to help innovative SMEs draw economic and strategic value from intellectual property (IP). Designed as a practical aid, this area explains and compares different types of IP; points to the different routes for registering IP; communicates the strategic impacts of IP and educates stakeholders on the decision pathways for leveraging IP effectively. Named, 4SMEs, the resource area aligns with 4iP Council’s goal to support European innovation through the provision of research and educational resources.

The new area includes the following resources which outline and link to contacts, data points, case studies, quotes and examples that will be further enriched and expanded over time.

"Using intellectual property to grow a business is an art and there are many lessons to share. We created this area to pool expert knowledge and give SMEs a broad overview of IP choices, strategic pathways and common thought processes", said Claudia Tapia, Chair, 4iP Council.