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Vectis joins 4iP Council

08 February 2016

​The technology and innovation licensing specialist, Vectis, has joined 4iP Council.

Vectis specialises in licensing models to share technology innovation, connecting patent owners with product makers to build mutually beneficial collaborations. This European based start-up was founded in 2015 by Giustino de Sanctis and comprises a seasoned team of eLeaders and licensing specialists.

“I believe that innovation represents a core value within our society and that the related ecosystem can thrive and be fully enjoyed by the community at large only if the benefits and costs of innovation are appreciated and fairly shared. In common with the 4iP Council community, we very much support the existence of a solid patent system to foster European invention, enable sharing and support social and economic progress,” said Giustino de Sanctis, founder and CEO.

“We are very pleased to have the expertise and experience of the Vectis team on board and look forward involving them in our empirical research programme. A spectrum of technology players and specialists contribute to defining 4iP Council’s research agenda to ensure the breadth and depth of our outputs,” said Claudia Tapia, Chairwoman for 4iP Council.

4iP Council’s membership and Advisory Committee comprises a mix of large and small technology enterprises, start-ups and intellectual property experts.