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SSH Communications Security becomes a 4iP Council supporter

30 May 2018

SME input into 4iP Council's research pipeline widens further

4iP Council is proud to welcome SSH Communications Security as a new supporter. Headquartered in Finland, SSH is a global leader in cyber security solutions for organisations managing the security challenge of digital transformation. The company focuses on encryption and access control solutions to help its customers meet compliance requirements, improve their security posture, and save on operational costs.

The company particularly focuses on SSH key management. National Institute of Standards and Technology has published guidelines on SSH access management that outline the risks of unmanaged SSH keys. The company's customers include many major financial institutions, retailers and technology companies.

"We are delighted to have SSH Communications Security's support. Their input into our research pipeline and deliverables will be extremely valuable and they join a growing number of SMEs contributing to our work. 4iP Council is committed to helping organisation of all sizes understand the functions and benefits of intellectual property," said Axel Ferrazzini, Managing Director, 4iP Council.