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SMEs and high growth tech businesses, don't miss the LES and EPO conference and practical workshop on boosting your strategy with IP - Dublin, 4 & 5 November

24 July 2019

High-growth technology business conference 2019

This conference and workshop will cover different topics of how to achieve business success with technology for high-growth technology enterprises. In particular, the event will focus on the following broader themes and questions which will be underpinned with practical exercises in workshops during the training day:

1. Bringing business and IP strategy together

  • What is IP strategy and how to support the business strategy?
  • What does it take to create an IP strategy?
  • What can High-growth technology enterprises learn from large companies regarding IP strategy and value creation?
  • Commercialisation options beyond own products and services, including licensing, sales, strategic alliances, joint ventures, spin-offs, M&A of companies with intellectual assets
  • Case studies by businesses demonstrating how value was created
  • The right strategy for the right industry: different approaches to IP strategy and management in Life-sciences vs ICT
  • How an IP strategy for a PRO (university, research centre) relates to that for a high-growth technology enterprise – practical implications for co-operations

2. Making IP deals happen

  • What is the role of IP specialists in advising on IP strategy, IP management, their capabilities and services?
  • How to measure the “impact” of IP for my business?
  • How to create win-win-win deals with large companies and research organisations?
  • Technology pull – bottlenecks in the acquisition of technologies and how to overcome them
  • Technology push – technology transfer of high-growth enterprises through licensing, spin-outs, selling and R&D co-operations
  • Freedom-to-operate (FTO) analysis at different stages of a company development
  • How technology market facilitators (patent brokers, online marketplace etc.) can support high-growth enterprises

More information and a registration link can be found here.