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Slides and recording now available - Unwired Planet v Huawei UK Supreme Court Decision - your questions answered

01 September 2020

Richard Vary answers key questions about the case

These slides were shared during our webinar 1 September 2020 on the implications of the UK Supreme Court decision on Unwired Planet v Huawei announced this Wednesday 26 August. 4iP Council has been following this topic closely and this is our third related webinar.

Download the slides here

Listen to the recording here

What Richard covers:

  • A summary of the decision: what did the judges uphold and what did they overturn?
  • Will the UK still be able to calculate global rates as part of deciding whether to give an injunction?
  • Non-discrimination: what happens if one licensee has a better deal?
  • Will the UK remain a key forum for patent owners?