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Slides now available for 'FRAND licensing levels under EU Law: components or end-device?' webinar

28 May 2020

Presented by Prof. Jean-S├ębastien Borghetti, Dr. Igor Nikolic and Prof. Nicolas Petit

Download slides here.

(A recording will follow)

This webinar analyses whether EU law imposes an obligation on holders of standard essential patents (SEPs) to license at all levels of the value chain, including at component level. The location of the appropriate licensing level in the value chain is becoming a crucial question in the IoT debate as more and more industries will gain cellular connectivity (automotive, home appliances, agriculture, healthcare, etc). This webinar provided extensive and practical analysis of this issue from the perspectives of general principles of EU constitutional law, patent law, contract law and competition law.

The presenters' recent paper on this topic can be viewed on the SSRN website while a number of papers addressing FRAND and SEP questions and a summary of the presenters' work, can be found in the research section of 4iP Council's website.

This 4iP Council webinar provided:

  • An explanation of what EU law requires from SEP holders (and what it does not)
  • An analysis of general principles of EU law, patent law, contract law, and competition law
  • Answers to questions about what parties should do when faced with a request to license at end device or component level
  • Practical steps for licensors and licensees