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Principles for research in patent markets

26 April 2016

European Commission should conduct more robust, objective and unbiased assessments of how the 'patent market' is performing.

Much attention has been devoted to what might be broadly called the ‘patent market’ and how it is performing. Some have opined that the patent system is “chaotic” and “not fit for purpose,” and therefore in need of great reform. Others have gone further to claim that the patent system undermines innovation and should be dismantled. Others have pointed to the unprecedented technology advances, notably relating to patented technology, that are now occurring with increasing rapidity. In connection with all of these positions, many trends have been identified along with numerous theories and solutions that should be pursued.

This new publication by 4iP Council calls for robust, objective and unbiased assessments of how the patent market is performing to inform European Commission patent policy dialogue and decision-making. Read more