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Philips becomes a 4iP Council supporter

19 September 2018

Enabling fact based research and education on intellectual property

Today 4iP Council announced that Philips is joining the network of supporters for the work of 4iP Council, a not-for-profit European research council dedicated to developing high quality academic insight and empirical evidence on topics related to intellectual property (IP) and innovation.

Philips will contribute to the valuable third party research 4iP Council develops on the interplay between innovation, IP and social and economic policy objectives. It will also help 4iP Council further develop educational activities such as the 4iP Council Research Award, European university collaborations and awareness raising among SMEs on the benefit and use of IP, and notably patents.

“Intellectual Property is of strategic importance for Philips and is closely linked to our mission of improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. The IP team at Philips avidly uses 4iP Council reports which provide necessary and rigorous insight on very pertinent questions related to the use of IP in Europe. We look forward to joining the Council’s research discussions and to contributing to the rich array of multi-stakeholder projects the Council has helped instigate,” said Jako Eleveld, Head of IP Licensing, Philips.

“Philips is a creative, cross-sector force for innovation in the digital age. The company joins a growing and diverse group of innovative 4iP Council supporters keen to help ground IP stakeholder decision-making in high quality, empirical third party insight,” said Axel Ferrazzini, Managing Director of 4iP Council.

The following companies have become 4iP Council supporters over the past 12 months: Air Liquide, CYNORA, InterDigital, Jalgos, Micrel Medical Devices and SSH Communications Security.