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Meet the 4iP Council Advisory Committee

24 June 2015

Among the characteristics of high quality research is that it is expertly written and empirically sound. It should also consider and reflect a varied spectrum of reliable sources and expert opinions. The 4iP Council Advisory Committee was created to help ensure that 4iP Council's own commissioned research followed these principles.

At a recent meeting in Leuven, Belgium, the 4iP Council Advisory Committee met to discuss the Council’s research agenda for 2015-16. The Committee has grown since the Council’s inception in 2013, now comprising six experts with diverse experience and perspectives on intellectual property issues and policy.

“I became a 4iP Council Advisory Committee member because I am convinced that arguments against the weakening of IP protection need to be articulated collectively and heard. Experience has shown me that IP is key for companies to conduct advanced research for new products and concepts which will benefit society,” said Béatrix de Russé who, as former Executive Vice President of IP and Licensing at Technicolor, brings twenty years of licencing experience to the Committee.

Koenraad Debackere is a key academic contributor to 4iP Council’s Advisory Committee and an experienced venture fund manager. As Professor of Economics at the K.U. Leuven, he provides insight from both his personal experience and his institution’s firm standing as a worldwide knowledge hub on licensing law. “A rich plethora of views in the field of IP offers fertile ground for relevant research studies. They definitely are a teaching challenge. We have to educate and coach our students to critically assess the legitimacy of different viewpoints in an intellectually sound way. 4iP Council addresses a critical gap by taking core arguments and dissecting them empirically, always based on validated and well-grounded methodology,” says Debackere.

The other Advisory Committee members are equally experienced and luminary in their domains.

Fabio Colasanti is former Director General ENTR and INFSO at the European Commission. His insight and advice on the information needs and processes of the Commission and its member states have helped to shape 4iP’s operational model.

Heinz Goddar is an internationally renowned IP consultant and academic and one of the world’s most respected patent practitioners.

Ginevra Bruzzone, as VP of Assonime, brings a country perspective to 4iP Council through her insight into how intellectual property issues impact Italian companies.

While Patrick Terroir, former managing director of Caisse des Dépôts Intellectual Property, brings a deep understanding of innovation investment decision-making. Patrick played a key role in ensuring that IP is considered an asset rather than a legal formality within the French banking sector.

The Advisory Committee meets several times each year to assess 4iP Council’s research pipeline and the accuracy, neutrality and comprehensiveness of its outcomes. They also provide pertinent insight into policy proposals and consultations.

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