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Life changing inventions and inspirational inventors honoured by the European Patent Office (EPO)

10 June 2016

The EPO has once again given European and International inventors the recognition and glory they deserve at the European Inventor Awards 2016 ceremony in Lisbon.

Awards were presented for a magnet-based imaging method to enable doctors to obtain instant 3D images of tissue complications, including cancers and vascular diseases; the application of ammonia into the exhaust system of diesel engines to reduce air pollution; a "brain pace-maker" that releases high frequency brain stimulation to treat Parkinson’s disease; medical bioplastics that can be filled with cancer-starving drugs and implanted right above the site of tumours; significant evolutions in automotive safety systems and a blood diagnostics kit already used by 40,000 people in resource poor regions of the world.

"The inventions recognised with this year's award give new hope to people suffering from disease, increase diagnostic efficiency, protect the environment and save thousands of lives on the road. The significance and impact of the work of these inventors underlines the importance of the European patent system for the benefit of economic strength and technological progress in Europe," said EPO President Benoît Battistelli.

Visit the EPO website for the full story on the winners and their inventions.

UK scientist Helen Lee receives the Popular Prize of the European Inventor Award 2016 at the award ceremony in Lisbon on 9 June.