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Jalgos joins the 4iP Council network

13 September 2018

Jalgos, European SME specialised in artificial intelligence and algorithm design, becomes a 4iP Council supporter

The European SME Jalgos, specialised in artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithm design, today announced its support for 4iP Council, a not-for-profit European research council dedicated to developing high quality academic insight and empirical evidence on topics related to intellectual property (IP) and innovation. Jalgos is the fourth SME to become a 4iP Council supporter over the past 12 months.

“Artificial Intelligence generates many unanswered questions in relation to IP. 4iP Council supporters have combined resources to enable deep, empirical, third party research on IP issues, including AI. Jalgos looks forward to contributing to 4iP Council’s positive work,” said Julien Muresianu, Jalgos Founder and CEO.

“SMEs are the backbone of innovation in Europe. It is important that their voice is heard within 4iP Council’s research and that the value of IP as a strategic business tool is brought to their attention. 4iP Council is delighted that Jalgos has chosen to become a 4iP Council supporter”, said Axel Ferrazzini, Managing Director, 4iP Council.

4iP Council’s website offers an orientation and information area called 4SMEs. This contains research summaries relevant to SMEs and IP, interviews with innovative European SMEs and related IP stakeholders, as well as pointers on where to go to obtain and leverage IP.

About Jalgos
Jalgos is a team of high-end researchers, designers and consultants, specialised in AI, mathematical modeling, design and high performance computing.

Jalgos accompanies its clients along the whole value chain of AI and data harnessing, from defining an efficient AI strategy to industrialisation of its products, through algorithm design, human machine interface development, and at the core of our mission, algorithm adaptation and AI powered product development.