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IP Revolution in Paris this week

26 April 2017

4iP Council at LESI 2017

This week saw 4iP Council present at the Licensing Executives Society’s annual conference under the theme of ‘IP Revolution? Scenarios for the Future’. Claudia Tapia, 4iP Council’s Chairperson and Director of IP Policy at Ericsson spoke about the need for more transparent and balanced solutions around patent exchanges and licensing and the impact of new mechanisms on the dynamism of the IP market. Chaired by Patrick Terroir, attorney at the Paris Bar, this session revealed much unity in the perspectives of business, policy makers and the patentor. The other session speakers were Mariagrazia Squicciarini from the OECD, Frédéric Caillaud from INPI and Brian O’Shaughnessy of Dinsmore & Shohl.

“We envision a networked society with at least 50 billion connected devices. To allow for quick and successful adoption of IoT devices, we need to create licensing mechanisms which are balanced and reflect the value that the standardised technology has for each IoT device,” said Claudia Tapia.

The LESI event included two keynotes, the first from Thierry Breton, CEO at Atos and former French minister and the second from the famed inventor Jacques Lewiner who was among 4iP Council’s first feature interviewees in 2015. Both spoke about the fascinating potential of IoT and need for Europe to seize the economic opportunity it presents through a strong and adapted policy framework.

Exploiting Europe’s immense and expanding data ‘goldmine’, the increasing threat of cyber attacks, negative impact of nationalistic trends on knowledge sharing and the best conditions for sustainable innovation, technology product diffusion and business and academic collaboration and were just a few of the themes addressed by the experts animating LESI’s pertinent programme.

One speaker called for IP decision-makers to become ambidextrous thinkers in order to understand the innate dynamics between long and short-term views in an exciting, fast-evolving and increasingly disruptive business landscape. ‘We are at the very beginning of the digital economy,’ said another.

Stay tuned to the LESI event website for session presentations and discussion summaries.