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IoT and 5G slide set

01 June 2018

High level overview presented on behalf of 4iP Council by Nokia's Robin Stitzing at the LES France event on IP and Competition.

You will find a short PPT overview on the Internet of Things IoT and 5G in our 'Publications' area, prepared by Robin Stitzing, Head of Economic Research for Nokia's Patent Business. Nokia is a 4iP Council supporter. This presentation was given during a panel discussion at the LES France event on IP and Competition, Paris, 24 May 2018.

Our latest feature with Yann Ménière, Chief Economist at the European Patent Office (EPO) relates to this topic. Yann covers the the increased pervasiveness of digital technologies and the growth in the patenting of autonomous objects citing recent EPO research on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). More than 5000 patent applications for inventions relating to autonomous objects were filed at the EPO in 2016 alone and in the last three years, the rate of growth for 4IR patent applications was 54%.