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​Forthcoming 4iP Council speaker engagements: Milan, Madrid, Budapest and Leuven

17 March 2017

4iP Council’s research work to be presented at conferences in Milan, Madrid, Budapest and Leuven

Between now and the start of summer 4iP Council’s research work will be presented at the following conferences:

Workshop on “IP litigation and SEP licensing post Huawei”, Court of Milan, 21 March

Sir Robin Jacob, University College London, main author the paper Lessons from Huawei v. ZTE commissioned by 4iP Council will explain the outcomes and implications of his work during this training session for Italian judges. Other speakers include Dr. Peter Tochtermann, Deputy presiding Judge Regional Court of Mannheim, Dott. Claudio Marangoni, President of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Division A of the Court of Milan, Dott.ssa Silvia Vitrò, President of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Division of the Court of Turin, Dott.ssa Ginevra Bruzzone, Deputy Director General ASSONIME and Dott.ssa Gabriella Muscolo, Commissioner Italian Competition Authority.

Universidad Autónoma of Madrid in Madrid, 27 March

4iP Council Chairperson and Director of IP Policy at Ericsson, Claudia Tapia will address participants in the university’s LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law and New Technologies (LL.M. IP & IT). Claudia will cover the interplay between patent law and competition law, exploring how the standardisation process works, and cases where the European Commission has intervened (Samsung and Motorola) and the CJEC case, Huawei v ZTE among others.

ASTP-Proton Annual Conference, in Budapest, 31 May-2 June

4iP Council’s Chairperson and Director of IP Policy at Ericsson, Claudia Tapia, will present to ASTP-Proton’s membership of academics and business stakeholders engaged in technology transfer on Creating value from IP. This presentation will cover different ways businesses can benefit from patents other than by practising them and the value of standardisation with the focus on the European Digital Single Market and the role that IP plays within it. More detail to follow.

R&D Management Conference in Leuven, 1-5 July

4iP Council’s treasurer Mathew Heim who is also Vice President and Counsel at Qualcomm, will be moderating a workshop on 5th July on The role of IP and standardisation in building a successful and innovative Europe. At the workshop panellists will share their experience managing R&D and, in particular, they will discuss the obstacles that companies face when aiming to commercialise their results as well as the role of R&D policy and standardisation in developing an innovative Digital Single Market in Europe.