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Is Europe doing enough for its SMEs when it comes to IP?

23 November 2015

Science Business has published a valuable report for Europe’s SME community and SME policy-makers entitled “Picking up where the banks left off: Can IP help small companies grow, and Europe’s economy revive?”

Through a mix of data analysis and expert interviews, the publication covers the rising value of IP as an intangible asset for SMEs and its role in securing equity funding and business growth. The European VC and policy environment is compared to other world regions. Europe, says the report, is lagging behind as Asian nations in particular, have developed effective financial instruments beneficial to SME growth based on IP.

The paper refers to an “IP bonanza” internationally, saying that initiatives aimed at creating an IP marketplace in Europe have stalled due, in part, to a general lack of understanding around the value patents bring to a company as well as poor transparency in the ownership of IP.

Definitions are offered for different categories of IP as well as European SME case studies on the role IP has played in company success. Finally, the report includes a summary of EU legislation to help protect trade secrets as well as an interviews with investment managers at the European Investment Fund.

A copy of the full 20 page report can be downloaded here.