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Claudia Tapia, 4iP Council Chair, presents on patent quality at LES General Assembly, Paris

12 December 2016

Following the publication of her article on patent quality this month in IAM magazine, Claudia Tapia Director of IP Policy at Ericsson and 4iP Council Chair was invited to share her work at the LES France general assembly held at the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée, Paris, last week.

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Claudia’s presentation covered the need to take account of the right context when interpreting the data on invalidity rates in (German) courts. She warned delegates about the negative consequences for the economy and for the success of the Digital Single Market (for which success Boston Consulting Group estimates a need for 4 trillion USD investment in R&D and capital expendiure) if a wrong perception of “bad quality” patents is given credence.

The presentation generated a stimulating discussion from the floor and Claudia’s proposal that court judges engage in a closer dialogue with judges of the EPO Board of Appeal was very well received. Active participants mentioned that this could allow patent users benefiting from judges applying the same standard when determining whether a patent application fulfills the requirement of inventive step. Participants agreed that while there is clearly no problem of ‘bad quality’ patents there is room from improvement if we are to achieve a more harmonised approach in Europe when dealing with patents.


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