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23 September 2020

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Artificial Intelligence, Software and Patents: Towards a Post-COVID Changing Game

Webinar, 25th September. Register here.


The post-COVID Crisis environment is marked by an exponential use of Artificial Intelligence and a further digitalization of society, permitting mankind to overcome major limitations linked to the pandemic, and proposing new options for many activities necessary to the business, consumers, and the entire society. As a consequence, the relation between patents and software protection gets further re-visited choice. Speakers from three continents will provide a broad picture of the increased, but also, changing the role of patents in software and AI in a profoundly transformed post-crisis environment.


  • Dr. Noam SHEMTOV, Reader in IP and Technology Law and Deputy Head of CCLS, Queen Mary University.
  • Prof. Dr. Xiang YU, Professor at the School of Management and the Director of the Sino-European Institute for Intellectual Property of HUST.

Moderator: Dr. Marco ALEMÁN , Director of the Patent Law Division at WIPO

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