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​Bocconi University - 4iP Council annual event generates lively debates

23 September 2019

Data access, FRAND and injunctions were order of the day

As part of our on-going collaboration with Bocconi University and our commitment to education, 4iP Council once again contributed last Friday 20 September to the LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology graduation ceremony with an international seminar on current, pivotal IP topics.

Panel discussions included:

Ownership and access to data moderated by Professor Marafioti, Bocconi University and the University of Milano-Bicocca with Dr Nikolic, University College London and Dr Melis Digital Analyst, InfoCert, as well as Mr Ippoliti, LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology Alumnus.

Judicial fragmentation: the FRAND commitment's big divide between and within the EU & US moderated by Professor Rossi Chauvenet from Bocconi University with Dr. Claudia Tapia, Director of Legal Academic Research at Ericsson and Arianna Valeriani, LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology Alumnus.

Proportionality in injunctions with Professor Breschi from Bocconi University, Professor Manderieux, Director, LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology, Bocconi University and Professor Mathew Heim, author, lecturer and Bruegel fellow.

Great to see Bocconi’s students actively engage in the discussion and receive their well-deserved diplomas.

The seminar is framed within the Challenge Project of the LL.M. in Law of Internet Technology, one of a number of activities resulting from 4iP Council’s continuing relationship with Bocconi University. 4iP Council is committed to furthering understanding of the role intellectual property plays in innovation and, as a consequence, in social and economic growth.

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