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4iP Council research features in IAM and LESI Les Nouvelles September Issues

18 September 2018

Media reports on proprietary v open standards and case law after Huawei v ZTE

IAM has just published a paper on proprietary v open standards commissioned by 4iP Council from four researchers at the Technical University of Berlin. This paper explores the benefits and risks attached to the implementation of open and proprietary standards in ICT, both from a business and consumer perspective.

Also this month, LESI's Les Nouvelles features a piece written by 4iP Council chair Dr Claudia Tapia and Ericsson researcher Dr Sypros Makris on Confidentiality In FRAND Licensing After Huawei v ZTE: National Courts in Europe Searching For Balance. This article includes a full reprint of our infographic tracking what is and what isn't considered to be good faith by European national courts post-Huawei v ZTE. Recent updates to this graphic and our comprehensive database of cases can be found here.