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4iP Council discusses the merits of strong patents and sound, empirically based, IP policy at TIPSA event in Alicante.

12 September 2016

4iP Council discusses the merits of strong patents and sound, empirically based, IP policy at the Transatlantic Intellectual Property Summer Academy (TIPSA) in Alicante, Spain

4iP Council addressed current and future policymakers and IP stakeholders at TIPSA, organised by the Bocconi University and Alicante University, and sponsored by EPO Academy and EUIPO. This annual event is usually held in either Europe or US. The theme of the event, which took place last week in Alicante, was ‘Intellectual Property, High Tech and International Trade’. 4iP Council’s participation reflects its objective to raise consciousness among IP experts and stakeholders of the importance of empirical data and evidence-based arguments in IP policy design.

Audrey Scozzaro Ferrazzini, Policy lead on standardisation and industrial policy, Qualcomm

Audrey Scozzaro Ferrazzini, policy lead on standardisation and industrial policy at Qualcomm, a 4iP Council founding member, presented to a select group of PhD students, practitioners and international policymakers on the Internet of Things, the relevance of standardisation for the consolidation of new business models and the interplay with IPR. She also addressed the regulation of new technologies at the international level. Her presentation was extremely well received with delegates reacting very positively to 4iP Council’s focus on building a sound IP research base to illuminate the policy debate.

“It was very refreshing to hear about 4iP Council’s work because the need for clarity - through sound data – on the economic and social benefits patenting brings to Europe is acute. Too often IP policy discussion is clouded by an underlying tension between fact and theories. Unity in the dialogue of industry is also much appreciated when it comes building the right regulatory environment for stimulating technology invention and innovation across the EU and beyond,” said Manuel Desantes Real, Professor of Law, University of Alicante and Former Vice-President, European Patent Office (2001-2008).

Full programme for the TIPSA Summer Academy.