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23 March 2020

New interactive guide to help European SMEs understand the benefits of copyright

Today 4iP Council launches 4 Reasons 4 Copyright, a practical interactive web guide that aims to help innovative European businesses understand the strategic value of copyright as an intellectual property tool. The guide identifies four key benefits of copyright: competitive edge, reputation, collaboration and funding, and breaks these down simply into methods for value-creation with clickable case studies, orientation links, examples and facts.

4 Reasons 4 Copyright was developed with content input from ASTP, Bournemouth University, The European IP Helpdesk, GRUR and The Intellectual Property Awareness Network (IPAN). 4iP Council’s network of academics and IP practitioners also contributed.

This new interactive guide is the sequel to 4 Reasons to Patent launched by 4iP Council in May 2019. Stay tuned to our 4SMEs website area for future guides.

“The legalese, the regulations and the sheer hard work involved in generating intellectual property rights can deter even the most ardent entrepreneur but the rewards of IP can be plentiful. We have developed ‘4 Reasons 4 Copyright’ to help innovative SMEs create, compete and expand,” said Axel Ferrazzini, Managing Director of 4iP Council.

This interactive tool will evolve with time to remain a long-term SME resource.

Consult the “4 Reasons 4 Copyright” interactive guide

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