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Four new start-ups join 4iP

02 April 2015

Further membership expansion at 4iP; new start-ups bring their innovation experience.

Three new technology start-ups and a German research group have recently become 4iP members. The start-ups are Iprova, a pioneer in computer accelerated invention, Motion-S, a telematic solution provider, and RED Technologies, a leading innovator in dynamic spectrum sharing and management solutions. IP-Strategists, a Germans IP research group with an international network of IP professionals also joined the association.

The new members bring diverse innovation expertise and experience to 4iP. They will contribute to the association’s will to maintain a holistic view of the technology innovation marketplace ensuring that its research work reflects the views of emerging technology inventors.

RED Technologies’ Managing Director Michael Abitbol has also taken a seat on the 4iP Board as Vice Chair. RED Technologies has, to date, registered six patents, breaking new ground in the field of dynamic spectrum sharing with the invention of novel technologies exploiting real time radio environment maps. The company was recently awarded a prestigious La French Tech Business Award at Mobile World Congress 2015 . Michael Abitbol, commented about RED Technologies’ decision to join up:

“Like most entrepreneurs in Europe and overseas, we are passionate defenders of the patent system. It is common knowledge that the world economy is increasingly driven by intangible values like knowledge, inventiveness and creativity. These ideas must be protected and, in the context of technology, the patent system is key.

The creation of innovation is a risky and costly undertaking; there is no guarantee of success despite our tremendous efforts. Turning these protected ideas into innovative business prospects leading to our growth is our key challenge. Along the way, we always need to consider the probability that our best ideas may be copied by competitors.

As an SME, the patent system helps us to discuss our innovations with business partners with confidence. In a standards context, it is the patent system that allows us to contribute technology solutions within working groups, knowing that although the technology is contributed, we retain ownership of it.

Outside the standard setting context, the patent system helps us to negotiate with larger players, to attract investment and engage in technology transfer; it is a critical element to allow us to grow and become financially sustainable.

This is why we believe the patent system is crucial to us as an SME whose primary asset is invention, because it ensures that we can make the most of our research efforts.

Without the security provided by intellectual property protection, it is unlikely that RED Technologies would have been able to take its ideas forward and obtain funding from venture capitalists.

We look forward to sharing our experience of invention through 4iP and to participating in Europe’s innovation debate in a practical, evidence-based way.”