Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Melullis

Prof. Klaus-Jürgen Melullis is a former presiding judge at the German Court of Justice. In the course of his work at the Federal Court of Justice, he had a significant influence on the highest court case law on patent and public procurement law. He has written numerous fundamental judgments in these areas of law. With his last, groundbreaking resolution on patent law "Control device for investigation modalities", he reaffirmed the final departure from core theory and the emphasis on technical problem solving, outside of the collection, storage, evaluation and use of data, as a patent requirement. During his activity in the cartel senate, he played a key role in the cartel law case law of this senate.

In addition to his work as a judge, Prof. Melullis also dealt scientifically with the law. He is a co-author of works on German patent and utility model law as well as the European Patent Convention. After leaving the judicial service, he heads a research centre in the field of patent law at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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